Siesta is designed to completely cover the special nutritional needs of marine broodstock fish after spawning and before the period of maturation of the gonads. Siesta is intended for the proper growth and good health.

Siesta has high digestibility due to its superior quality raw material contents and its unique production technology.

Siesta is formulated with high quality fish oils and a high level of digestible protein from premium marine ingredients and supplemented with extra vitamin E and vitamin C. The use of these highly palatable ingredients and vitamins ensure the proper feed efficiency and good health for long years. It is also enriched with fish soluble in order to be attractive to broodstock fish. Siesta contains high antioxidant capacity thanks to its VIUSID®AQUA coating to support fish health against viruses and pathogen bacteria.


High quality LT anchovy meal, super prime squid meal, krill meal, fish protein hydrolysate, wheat gluten, wheat flour, corn gluten meal, high quality anchovy oil, micro algae (Chlorella sp., Schizochytrium sp.), vitamin premix, mineral premix, amino acids, choline chloride, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, lecithin, antioxidant.


Protein (%) 50,0
Fat (%) 15,0
Cellulose (%) 2,0
Moisture (%) 9,0
Ash (%) 9,0
Calcium (%) 1,9
Phosphor (%) 1,5
Sodium (%) 0,5


It is recommended to feed seabream and seabass broodstock with Siesta after spawning and up to 1,5-2 months before the next scheduled spawning. It is important to feed broodstock until ad-libitum, especially in the morning. The appetite of the fish is the best indicator and broodstock should be fed to their own requirement. Please arrange feeding frequency according to your broodstock condition once or twice a day.


Siesta is available in 11 and 15 mm pellet sizes in 10 kg PE buckets with vacuum packaging inside.