Our little friends deserve the best.

We formulate for health and produce using the best raw materials for better nutrition of our little friends.

  • Special Components
  • Since 2001
  • Export to More than 20 Countries

Since 2001, we have been producing our products with great care and integrating special components selected by the scientific knowledge of our technical team.

We use quality criteria and specifications of our ingredients according to both the European Union and our country’s standards. We don’t compromise on quality.

Our products are in high demand in Turkey and are exported to many countries. We aim for the highest customer satisfaction and offer delicious and high quality foods to our dear friends.

Our Speciality Product lines

With the experience we gained on our journey, which began with fish feed production, we developed unique formulations by adding select seafood ingredients such as krill and micro algae, giving their nutritional benefits to our cats and dogs.

R&D and Production Processes

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Our in-house production facilities are located in the coastal city of İzmir.

We do not compromise on quality. Our own laboratory carry out our quality control, R&D and production studies.

We are planning to further increase our production capacity and continue to expand our product range.

Compliance with Standards and Certification

We believe that world-class production is a necessity, not a choice, and we stay up-to-date on a range of industry certification and standards compliance processes, from quality management systems to good agricultural practices.


We export pet foods, aquarium fish foods and aquaculture feeds to more than 20 countries.