We export our brands to more than 20 countries.

Our world-class brands meet the world markets with a wide range of products.

Our brand ArtAkua, which has been producing the specialized feeds for the nutrition of aquarium fish and turtles with a species-specific nutritional food range since 2009. The brand includes feed configurations in powder, flakes, sticks and granulates. ArtAkua is present and established in many markets all over the world.

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ProArt cat and dog products is a wide range of products in the premium segment. The best of the best. It includes dry cat and dog food, wet cat and dog food, for adult cats and dogs, puppies and kittens, as well as special treats – all for the premium segment. Nutritional science in pet food is art.

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Food Art where the basic nutritional needs of cats and dogs, adults and puppies and kittens meets in high quality and economical foods. It offers a select range of flavours and easy storing and usage for the consumer in 7 kg packages.

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There are several dry food and wet food varieties under the Royal Elite brand. It has a wide product range of high quality foods for cats and dogs with tasty flavours at a reasonable price.

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With the Nektar brand, we offer a product range that meets all the needs in the freshwater and marine aquaculture hatchery sector, from weaning diets, juvenile and starter feeds to broodstock feeds. All the feeds we produce are our own special formulations developed according to the needs of the sector. To complete the product range for marine hatcheries we have entered into partnerships with world-proven brands.