Since 2001

We produce aquaculture feed, aquarium food and pet food.

Nektar Yem Ltd. is a Turkish company that manufactures and supplies high quality specific products for the pet, ornamental fish and aquaculture industry. Founded in 2001, the company currently produces more than 50 products under the brands of “ProArt Pet Foods”, “Royal Elite Pet Foods”, “MamaSanatı Pet Foods”, “ArtAkua Ornamental Fish Food” and “Nektar Fish Feeds”.

Innovative Production Technology

We have a high-tech production facility operating in accordance with GlobalGAP standards and ISO 2200 Food Safety System. By developing own production technologies, we have several in-house techniques to produce highly digestible fish feeds for the market.

Nektar produces ornamental fish feed specially formulated for a range of species, designed and developed to suit the natural feeding habits of fish. These aquarium foods include special raw materials such as krill, shrimp meal, algae and yeast; All carefully selected through R&D studies.

Our products are scientifically formulated by the technical team using special components and produced with utmost care. All ingredients are selected according to the specifications of the European Union and our country’s standards. The products are in high demand in Turkey and are exported to 20 countries worldwide. Nektar holds a high reputation in all its markets with high customer satisfaction. Product quality, customer service, customer-specific solutions, dynamic and professional human resources are core strengths of our company.