Samba is specifically formulated and developed to feed marine fish larvae. It is designed with specific knowhow combined with unique production technology, including highly digestible anchovy meal with good results of fish health and survival rate. Samba consists of highly digestible and extremely small size marine sources. More than 40 nutrients are included in 300-500 micron size while the special low temperature production process retains the nutritional values of the ingredients. Unique crushing method and rolling system are used to obtain micro-particular consistency. Samba contains macro / micro algae (Chlorella and Schizochytrium) as a special DHA source, super prime krill meal, high quality LT anchovy fish meal and fish oil for high level of highly unsaturated fatty acids (HUFAs) and marine phospholipids, vitamins, minerals and natural antioxidants including carotenoids. It has high digestibility and is quite attractive for young fish due to its superior quality ingredients. Samba is enriched with specific natural additives as an immune stimulant against stress and illness, while providing high antioxidant capacity thanks to its VIUSID®AQUA coating to support fish health against viruses and bacteria.


High quality LT anchovy meal, krill meal, fish protein hydrolysate, wheat gluten, , wheat flour, high quality anchovy oil, micro algae (Chlorella sp., Schizochytrium sp.), amino acids, vitamin premix, mineral premix, choline chloride, astaxanthin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, selenium, antioxidant.


Protein (%) 55,0
Fat (%) 10,0
Cellulose (%) 2,0
Moisture (%) 8,0
Ash (%) 9,0
Phosphor (%) 1,5
Calcium (%) 1,9
Sodium(%) 0,5


100-250 gr/m3/day 300-500 μm 10 kg PE buckets (with vacuum pouches inside)
%5-10 live weight/day 500-800μm 20 kg PE vacuum bags
%5-10 live weight/day 800-1200 μm 20 kg PE vacuum bags