w3 Algae

Stablility: Chlorella cells are dried virtually minutes after their harvest thanks to unique and proprietary technique ensuring the inactivation of autolysis (enzymatic) processes, the preservation of all nutritional characteristics and the total elimination of all bacteria and viruses.

Growth: there is nothing like pure micro algae to guarantee a high quality culture.

Easy: out of the shelf, easy to blend. The operator can reach complete cell separation in just a few minutes of blending.

Excellent product developed to produce high quality of Rotifers

PURE product; not blended with yeast cells and without any chemicals additives, only composed of Chlorella algae


  • Micro-algae
  • Dextrose


Moisture (%) 8.0
Protein (%) 35.0
Lipids (%) 12.0
Ash (%) 9.0
Fiber (%) 6.5
Calcium (%) 0.2
Sodium (%) 1.0
Phosphorus (%) 0.8
Vitamin A (IU/kg) 1,250
Vitamin C (ppm) 1,750
Vitamin D3 (IU/kg) 250
Vitamin E (ppm) 250
n-3 HUFA (mg/g) 13.0
DHA (mg/g) 15.0
EPA (mg/g) 0.5
ARA (mg/g) 0.2


Rotifer cultures: A feeding rate of 0.6 to 1.0 g of ω3Algae per million rotifers is suggested. Feed 4 to 6 rations per day. Best growth will be obtained at temperature close to 29.5°C.

Green water technique: 5-10 g/m3/day. Adjust fed amount according to local conditions.

*Product based on natural ingredients. Variation in color is possible but does not affect the performance.


Store in a dry and cool place

(best at 4°C, max. 20°C)


Jars of 500 g (8 jars per carton)