Red Pepper

Red Pepper is not only formulated with essential fatty acids but is containing well balanced important nutrients often lacking in yeast based diets or lipid emulsions. Red Pepper is containing the most important vitamins having an impact on immunity and development of collagen tissues. The levels of Vitamin C included are unique on the market and ensure the highest vitality of live food and subsequently of the fish larvae. Red Pepper is also containing chelated trace minerals. Red Pepper is a product wich easily disperse once placed in water. The nutrients present in the product are well protected and do not leach in the enrichment tank, hence reducing water pollution and excessive bacterial development.


  • water
  • micro-algae
  • micro-encapsulated fish oil
  • arachidonic acid oil


Moisture (%) 68,0
Protein (%) 6.5
Lipids (%) 14.0
Ash (%) 3.0
Fiber (%) 1.7
Calcium (%) 0.2
Sodium (%) 0.5
Phosphorus (%) 0.2
Vitamin A (IU/kg) 50,000
Vitamin C (ppm) 11,500
Vitamin D3 (IU/kg) 10,000
Vitamin E (ppm) 1,500
n-3 HUFA (mg/g) 65.0
DHA (mg/g) 55.0
EPA (mg/g) 5.0
ARA (mg/g) 1.5


Shake well before use

Rotifer enrichment cleaned rotifers should be enriched at a density up to 1,000,000 rotifers per liter, for a period of 6 hours. Red Pepper is added in 2 rations of 180 gram/m3/ration. Rotifers are harvested after 6 hours and rinsed to remove all traces of the enrichment medium.

Artemia enrichment incubate Artemia nauplii at densi-ties up to 500,000 nauplii per liter, at a temperature of 25-30ºC while maintaining an oxygen concentration of more than 4 mg oxygen per liter. Red Pepper is added in 2 rations of 750 grams/m3/ ration, 12 hours apart for a standard 24 hour enrichment. Harvested Artemia must be rinsed to remove all traces of the enrichment medium. Adjust fed amounts according to local conditions.


bottle of 1.0 kg (10 bottles per carton)